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Tailor made programs to suit your needs

Programs to suit your personal needs...


At A Sharp Music, Sutherland we work with music books that meet your needs and capabilities. We use a varity of material in our courses and always make sure our students are motivated by the pieces they are working on. Some material we use in our courses include books from the "Encore on Keys" range, MircoJazz range, AMEB and AMEB for Leisure range.


We understand that sight reading is a very important element of learning an instrument and encourage use of the How to Blitz Sight Reading range. We also use the How To Blitz range for our Musicianship and Theory classes.


All books used in our classes can be purchased from your local music store or in class.  

AMEB exam progams...


Many of the students at A Sharp Music, Sutherland do take part in AMEB exams, however it is not compulsory. At A Sharp Music, Sutherland we tailor all our private classes to meet the individual needs of each student, therefore we offer both AMEB and AMEB for leisure exam courses. We also offer our singing students the opportuinty to sit AMEB exams, making us one of the only Music Schools in the Sutherland Shire to do this. Although exams are a great way to achieve goals and keep students motivated, many choose to learn simply for enjoyment and pleasure. 

What you need...

A Sharp Music, Sutherland is equipped with suitable instruments for Piano, Guitar and Vocal lessons. We also use backing tracks and flash cards in alot of our beginner lessons to ensure a creative, emjoyable lesson is achieved. 

If you are having an instrument lesson, we advise the student have an instrument at home for practice to optimise your learning experience. For beginners a basic instrument is perfect. This ensures you enjoy what you are learning before making the investment into a more advanced instrument. Once your skills grow your teacher will be able to advise if you need to upgrade your instrument and point you in the right direction. 


Your A Sharp Music, Sutherland teacher will tailor your lesson to your individual need and adivse you of the book you will be learning. We encourage students to purchase a copy of the book and bring it to each of your lessons so notes and practice homework can be written in.


All books needed for your lessons are purchasable from your local music store or in class.